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About Kristin



An award-winning diversity and inclusion professional, my experience spans two decades. With a solid background in human resources, I have worked in finance and hospitality and provided consulting services to a wide variety of businesses in between.

I have designed and delivered training, led teams, created strategy, piloted employment programs, engaged with stakeholders at all levels of an organization and shifted organizational culture.



I am fascinated by what makes organizations work - or not - and I'm committed to creating diverse and inclusive organizations where employees are engaged and doing their best work. 

This is what allows an organization to reap the rewards. It's also what helps our communities and economies to be stronger.



I believe that a diversely inclusive organization is a powerful, beautiful thing. I approach my work with full commitment, dedication, integrity and sincere passion. 

I meet my clients where they are at and customize my services to meet their unique needs.

Most of all, I believe in the transformative power of curiosity. Choosing to shift from a place of judgement to curiosity is a powerful thing. Live in curiosity - that's where the magic happens!




Each client has unique needs. In order to meet those needs, sometimes a collaborative approach works best. In those situations, I turn to my trusted consulting partner, Annika Lofstrand. 

Annika and I are a proven team - we have known each other for over a decade and worked together through much of that time. We share the same values and believe that we each have skills and expertise that compliment the other.

Learn more about Annika below...

Annika lofstrand

Annika is a senior human resources professional with over 20 years of HR experience. She is also an entrepreneur who has owned and operated multiple businesses and managed a restaurant. Her HR expertise and business background enable her to understand and meet the needs of small and large businesses across sectors. She looks to build skill and capacity wherever possible and to ensure the HR strategy, framework, program or service is aligned to the vision and business goals.   

Annika is currently the Principal at Leda HR. Leda HR is an HR consulting firm that supports businesses with tailored and impactful advice and tools to build, transform and sustain engaged and productive teams and workplaces. 

In addition to her broad HR experience and expertise, Annika has a depth of knowledge and passion for diversity and inclusion. She led the diversity strategy as the Director, Talent Management at Vancity and has provided consulting support around welcoming, inclusive, and respectful workplace cultures. Much of her undergraduate degree was focused on the study of people and culture.  She has a BA that includes courses in general and Indigenous anthropology.  Anthropology has proven to be a great foundation for her career in HR and for working with organizations on how to attract, value and engage a diverse workforce. 

Annika’s approach is to be curious about opportunities, inclusive, a trusted partner, innovative, a big picture thinker and someone who delivers. 

Colleagues and friends for a decade, Annika and Kristin are a proven team who share a strong commitment to building heathy workplaces and communities!